Our vision is to provide the best opportunity to the right talent. Aligning to this vision, we provide an “easy-to-use” platform that converts your skills and passion into a profession of sourcing tech geeks.

You can submit your application by filling few basic fields which can define you and your domain proficiency. Engage with Tekysourcer and get rewarded for each on-boarded candidate!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with Tekysourcer?
It is a simple 1 step process, fill in your primary details and submit your application. We will connect with you soon.
What is the minimum IT Recruitment experience required?
We look out for candidates who have the desire in recruitment than experience. We welcome even freshers with impeccable communication skills.
Who can apply?
We invite students, college graduates, homemakers, and new mothers.
Will I get any Training?
Yes, we will provide basic training on the recruitment process.
Can I work Flexible hours?
You can work at your flexible hours.
Can I work remotely?
Absolutely, yes ! You can work from any location with proper internet connectivity.
Will I get assistance for any queries from your end?
We are always there to support you with any sort of query. Feel free to approach us.
Will I be notified on tracking the progress of a candidate sourced by me?
We will definitely be notifying you from the minute your source profile reaches us.
How will I be paid?
You will be paid as per the market standards.
How will I receive my payment?
The amount will be transferred directly to your bank account after successful one month completion of the candidate sourced by you.